My Top Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes (Top 10 COUNTDOWN)



Marvel Avengers Alliance (or MAA) is a web-based,social game on Facebook and .It is a very famous and interesting game.It is also one of the most played game on line.

                    In MAA,you are an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and are been given tasks and missions by Nick Fury,Maria Hill and Agent Coulson.Tony Stark (or Iron Man) is an important member too. So,your Agent has several Marvel Heroes which he/she has to buy with the help of a game currency called Command Points or CP.The cheapest amount is 15 C.P. and highest,I think 135 or something like that.You are provided Iron Man and Black Widow by default.Then you are also given Hawkeye when you reach Agent Level 2 or 3.

                    So on web,I have came across with several forums and Q&As where people ask the best buy heroes.I have many heroes in my alliance and so I know many things about them.So I decided to tell the world the top 10 MAA heroes to buy,(from my own experience I’ve written this).

10. Ms.Marvel (15 C.P.)

09. Sif (23 C.P.)

08. Daredevil (48 C.P.)

07. Thing (33 C.P.)

06. Hercules (90 C.P.)

05. Psylocke (135 C.P.)

04. Scarlet Witch ( 90 C.P.)

03. Human Torch (33 C.P.)

02. Captain Britain (90 C.P.)

01. Thor (My favorite!) (90 C.P.)


Hope this is useful!Thank You for reading!All the characters owned by Marvel.The game is not owned by me.